Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Within the scope of my thesis project:

1.Things I already know how to do.
I know Maya and Zbrush, so I know how to sculpt/model, uv unwrap, texture all the models I will be using in the scene. I know how to design the scene and how to fill the scene with the assets I am using to make it look populated.

2.Things I understand but I need to work on.
I understand texturing but I am looking to continue learning substance designer and substance painter for more advanced textures with their maps. This will hopefully enhance my textures and texture knowledge. I will also work to get a better workflow for file and asset organization within a project.

3.Things I need to research and learn.
I am unfamiliar with my partners side of the project involving the coding and game engine work behind the Vive.I have to do more research into implementing my work into VR and making the best interactive experience possible as well as how my design can push that further. I believe all lighting will be done in unity, and I am unfamiliar with the game engine, Unity, he is using.

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