Sunday, September 4, 2016

What has been done before?

When looking at HTC vive experiences there are a few that have elements similar  to what I hope to accomplish with my experience.

The HTC Vive work simulator allows you to interact in an robot office setting as a human. As a player you can pick up objects on your desk, throw them around the room, knock them over, or move them around.


In the HTC Vive aperture robot repair experience, there is a part where the player can look through a set of drawers. In one of the drawers is an office full of tiny workers.

The experience I am creating for the HTC Vive and my thesis will use the fun and playful interactivity of the office simulator and the wonder and curiosity of the robot repair in a way that is different the experiences listed above. The combination of the two will enhance the players sense of scale and involvement with the environment to get immersed in the wonder of the virtual reality.

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  1. Good. Let's get some more detail. Please see the Week 03 assignment sheet